Unique among other programmes available in France, the curriculum for this master’s programme is equally distributed between the humanities and the digital disciplines. Offered by the CESR in partnership with the Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Computer Science of Tours (LIFAT, EA 6300), it provides students with the skills in data science and digital engineering that are essential in today’s culture, heritage management, and tourism industries.
The course enables students to gain and develop historical-critical methods for an in-depth and effective understanding of data (in conjunction with the Master’s in History, Civilisation, and Cultural Heritage programmes), its acquisition, and its structuring, enhancement, analysis, and valorisation. To this end, course content includes databases, programming, integration  architecture, open archives, statistics, data mining, and encoding. These subjects are taught partly in English and pave the way towards post-master’s study of data science in the year-long Big Data Management and Analysis (BDMA) programme at the University of Tours.

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