The Culinary Recipe from the XIIth to the XVIIth centuries Europe, Islam, Far East

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du 17 mai 2021 au 28 mai 2021

Monday through Friday two events will be hosted each day via Zoom.
Demonstrations are presented on Fridays.

If you want to participate as a guest, please contact :

Online Symposium - 17th to 28th May 2021

The online Symposium is both the conclusive conference of the international research program CoReMA (Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages: Corpus, analysis, visualisation) and the first act of the Micrologus Conference supported by UAI and POLEN laboratory "Between workshop and court: The recipe from the XIIth to the XVIIth centuries (Europe, Islam, Far East)”. The second act of the Micrologus conference will be held in 2022.

> 2 weeks, 10 days of panels, roundtables, demonstrations and discussion

> Please contact us if you want to participate as a guest:
You can either attend the whole conference or individual sessions.
But be quick to sign up, the number of slots is limited!

The conference will also be recorded and published on Youtube.

Program and further informations on the website