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The Centre d'Études Supérieures de la Renaissance (Centre for Advanced Studies in the Renaissance) is a teaching and research institution which welcomes students and researchers seeking initial or supplementary instruction in all aspects of the Renaissance. It enjoys a double status:

  • as a teaching and research unit (Unité de Formation et de Recherche) of the University François Rabelais, Tours
  • as a combined unit ("unité mixte") of the French national research council (CNRS) and of the University

The Centre was initially constituted in 1956 on the basis of a library and a documentary archive, supplemented by a collection of photographs and databases. It is also a venue for multi-disciplinary instruction, which, in association with the various Faculties of the University, has responsibility for the following programmes:

  • A specific designation "Renaissance" within the Master "Arts, Lettres, Langues et Civilisations"; this diploma is further distinguished by the research specialisation: "Genèse de l'Europe moderne"

  • A professionally oriented specialty, "Patrimoine écrit: histoire et pratique de l'édition [The Written Heritage: History and Practice of Publication]"

  • A doctorat in the disciplines represented (History, History of Art, Literature, Languages, Musicology, and Philosophy).

Finally, the CESR is a research centre bringing together fifty or so researchers--members of the University and of the CNRS--committed to the investigation of the "civilization of the Renaissance" from Petrarch to Descartes. Conferences, Round Tables, and Study Days are regularly organized.


The CESR: A Documentary Centre

Research Programmes